Identifying and rapidly responding to emerging threats across the globe

Innovation and collaboration

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is uniquely positioned to offer innovative solutions to identify and rapidly respond to emerging threats worldwide. These include cyber-physical vulnerabilities, threats in space, and new technology.

We collaborate with the Intelligence Community and the U.S. military to provide cutting-edge technology to combat small-scale, intense conflict. An important focus is discovering and identifying state-of-the-art technologies to increase our nation’s technological advantage over adversaries.

Our researchers and scientists also work with the Intelligence Community and the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security to provide technical solutions for prediction and prevention of catastrophic threats, to counter new foreign strategic and tactical technological advances, and ultimately to improve national security. LANL aims to enable new discoveries, groundbreaking science, and innovative ways of applying that science to solve modern problems.

Emerging Threats Body Centered
This new technology uses single light particles (photons) to create cryptographic “keys” that “lock” control signals into secret codes to protect the electric grid from third-party infiltration.

A legacy of excellence

LANL's 75+ years of nuclear weapons and global security proficiency and ingenuity play an important role in our nation’s nuclear deterrence strategy. Our scientific, research, and engineering expertise together with specialized experimental facilities and high-performance computing tools make LANL the premier national laboratory for nuclear nonproliferation and providing expertise in counterproliferation.

LANL’s strong legacy of transformational technology development supports our stockpile stewardship, nonproliferation, and nuclear counterproliferation missions. These cornerstones ensure a national strategic deterrence capability and provide our national security partners with the means to combat emerging threats.