The PSAAP centers develop the science and engineering models and software for their large-scale simulations, as well as employing best practices of verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification. A crucial new aspect of their work, in the current phase of the program, is computer science research aimed at addressing the major challenges of data movement, parallel scaling, resiliency, and power consumption in emerging high-performance computing hardware.

The goal of such research is to make the most effective use of next-generation computers, which will be of completely unprecedented scale and complexity, but which promise to allow revolutionary advances in physical fidelity and accuracy.

PSAAP centers

Trilab Support Team

Each of the six university centers has its own Trilab Support Team (TST), consisting of NNSA laboratory researchers who act as liaisons with the centers. Each of the three NNSA laboratories provides two members to each TST. The Los Alamos TST members are:

David Daniel (CS)
(505) 667-0883

Mark Schraad (S&E Apps)
(505) 665-3946

Sriram Swaminarayan (CS)
(505) 667-8647

Jim Cooley (Illinois TST Chair) (V&V)
(505) 606-0421

Notre Dame
Scott Pakin (CS)
(505) 667-5568

Tariq Aslam (S&E Apps)
(505) 667-1367

Kendra Keady (S&E Apps)
(505) 665-9261

Pat McCormick (CS)
(505) 665-0201

Texas A&M
Bob Little (Texas A&M TST Chair) (S&E Aps)
(505) 665-3487

Chad Olinger (V&V)
(845) 938-7915

Ben Bergen (CS)
(505) 667-1699

Marianne Francois (S&E Aps)
(505) 667-4237